In Lisbon

We arrived in Lisbon on Thursday morning. Our plane was moving quite a bit during landing, due to the heavy winds. Quite scary.

After we got our luggage we hopped on the train to the city centre. Our hotel is located in the Baixa part of Lisbon, which is basically the commercial centre.

The first day we didn´t do much: we walked around in the city centre, took some photos. Lisbon is a beautiful city, very classy but modern at the same time. Parts of th city actually remind me a bit of Quezon.

As it was windy and grey, we spend most of the time inside shops, bars and our hotel. Today is different though: the sky has cleared up and we´re in for a lng day of sightseeing.

We bought the Lisboa Card to make sure we get the most out of our day: with this card we can travel for free by public transport as well as visit 26 museums and historic buildings.

I´ll post some images soon.

The old continent

Today is the first day of my university´s Christmas holiday. According to my lesson plan classes don´t resume until January 6th.

Unlike other years, I won´t be celebrating this year´s Christmas with my family. Actually, we´ve never been more separated then this year: a little over 10.000km! Although this makes me feel a bit melancholic, I´ve to think abut the upside: within 48 hours I´ll be walking on the famous Plaza Mayor in Madrid and visiting the Torre the Belem in Lisbon.

It´s my first trip to Europe and I´m really looking forward to it. Unlike my other travels, I´ve been preparing for this trip for over a year. I still can´t believe that we´re actually going tomorrow.

To all my family and friends, I wish you all a happy Christmas and a great 2014. And please follow this blog for more updates the coming days!

Quezon Guide

Although Quezon is only a 3-hour drive from Manila, the province if often overlooked by travellers (locals included). For anyone who isn´t aware of all the greatness Quezon has to offer, I recommend having a look over at who did a great write up of the best of Quezon.

“The best things in life are free” and that certainly goes for Quezon. Most items on James´ top list can be visited free of charge: heritage houses, churches, festivals.

Main street in Sampaloc, Quezon via Flickr

Main street in Sampaloc, Quezon via Flickr

The only items that would cost you a few pesos would be the food, and there´s plenty of it to try in Quezon: how about some traditional Lucban Longganisa sausages with fried Siopao, budin cassava cake for dessert and Lambanog coconut wine to wash it all away.

For more insider tips head over to James blog and be sure to read his other articles as well. His adventures are amazing.

Being Martin Perez

Being blessed with a common name has some major disadvantages in the digital era. Starting a personal blog for example: your name is likely already registered by someone else. In my case, .net and .org versions were already registered so I started searching for another suitable extension.

There are still plenty of country codes available (like .ph for example) but I don´t want to limit my blog to one particular country. That´s why I decided on

A fun fact is that this domain was previously owned by Martin Benedict Perez, who at that time was teaching social sciences at the Philippine Science High School. Initially his blog was called AKOMISMO and later renamed to The Lesson Plan. He currently blogs at Here, Now and the articles are well worth a read.

Meanwhile, I plan on further developing this blog with my musings on travel, current affairs and whatever else I want to share with the world. I hope you enjoy the ride.