Being Martin Perez

Being blessed with a common name has some major disadvantages in the digital era. Starting a personal blog for example: your name is likely already registered by someone else. In my case, .net and .org versions were already registered so I started searching for another suitable extension.

There are still plenty of country codes available (like .ph for example) but I don´t want to limit my blog to one particular country. That´s why I decided on

A fun fact is that this domain was previously owned by Martin Benedict Perez, who at that time was teaching social sciences at the Philippine Science High School. Initially his blog was called AKOMISMO and later renamed to The Lesson Plan. He currently blogs at Here, Now and the articles are well worth a read.

Meanwhile, I plan on further developing this blog with my musings on travel, current affairs and whatever else I want to share with the world. I hope you enjoy the ride.