In Lisbon

We arrived in Lisbon on Thursday morning. Our plane was moving quite a bit during landing, due to the heavy winds. Quite scary.

After we got our luggage we hopped on the train to the city centre. Our hotel is located in the Baixa part of Lisbon, which is basically the commercial centre.

The first day we didn´t do much: we walked around in the city centre, took some photos. Lisbon is a beautiful city, very classy but modern at the same time. Parts of th city actually remind me a bit of Quezon.

As it was windy and grey, we spend most of the time inside shops, bars and our hotel. Today is different though: the sky has cleared up and we´re in for a lng day of sightseeing.

We bought the Lisboa Card to make sure we get the most out of our day: with this card we can travel for free by public transport as well as visit 26 museums and historic buildings.

I´ll post some images soon.