Quezon Guide

Although Quezon is only a 3-hour drive from Manila, the province if often overlooked by travellers (locals included). For anyone who isn´t aware of all the greatness Quezon has to offer, I recommend having a look over at journeyingjames.com who did a great write up of the best of Quezon.

“The best things in life are free” and that certainly goes for Quezon. Most items on James´ top list can be visited free of charge: heritage houses, churches, festivals.

Main street in Sampaloc, Quezon via Flickr

Main street in Sampaloc, Quezon via Flickr

The only items that would cost you a few pesos would be the food, and there´s plenty of it to try in Quezon: how about some traditional Lucban Longganisa sausages with fried Siopao, budin cassava cake for dessert and Lambanog coconut wine to wash it all away.

For more insider tips head over to James blog and be sure to read his other articles as well. His adventures are amazing.